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We save you time, money, and headaches by partnering with the best solar, roofing, and HVAC companies to get you the best product, price, and installer. We also help you qualify for state and federal programs to save money on your investment.

Who are the Energy Bros?

We spent years gaining knowledge and building relationships so you don't have to.

At Energy Bros, we take pride in being a trusted provider of energy solutions. With our expertise in solar, roofing, HVAC, water filtration systems, air purification systems, and smart thermostats, we aim to benefit our customers in numerous ways. By leveraging our years of experience and strong industry relationships, we can offer competitive prices, expert guidance, and a hassle-free process. Our customized solutions ensure that customers receive top-quality products and workmanship, resulting in a smooth and reliable experience for all their energy needs.

We Only Work With The Best

Energy Bros Partners

We partner with only the best brands and companies in the industry to ensure that our customers get the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. We have established strong relationships with our partners, which enables us to negotiate great deals and pass the savings on to our customers.

Tesla Energy
Titan Energy
Our World Energy
Freedom Forever
Solar Edge
REC Solar
Reimagine Roofing
Gleason Roofing
Custom Construction Solutions
Kidzz Mechanical AC Repair
Wind River Construction
Silfab Solar
Google Nest
Sunlight Financial
Nusenda Credit Union
Kangen Water

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Our Customers

With a 100% Customer Satisfaction rating based on over 200 five star reviews on Google, we let our customers speak for themselves! Watch our customer testimonial videos to find out what sets us apart from the competition.

100% Customer Satisfaction based on over 200 reviews from our happy customers.

You have questions

We have answers

We have been in this industry for a long time and are able to answer any questions that you have. We also use our knowledge to get you the best products, service, and overall experience in the industry.

Are you familiar with local building codes and regulations related to solar, HVAC, and roofing installations?

Energy Bros is familiar with local building codes and regulations for solar, HVAC, and roofing installations. We prioritize compliance and ensure that all our projects adhere to the required standards. Our team stays updated with any changes or modifications to the regulations to guarantee the legality and safety of our installations.

Can you provide examples of your previous solar, HVAC, and roofing installations or projects?

Energy Bros has a portfolio of successful solar, HVAC, and roofing installations that showcase our capabilities. We have worked on various residential and commercial properties, tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.

What sets your company apart from other solar, HVAC, and roofing companies in terms of quality and customer satisfaction?

What sets Energy Bros apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We use top-of-the-line products, follow industry best practices, and pay meticulous attention to detail. We prioritize open communication, transparency, and responsiveness to exceed our customers' expectations.

Do you offer financing options or assistance for customers interested in solar, HVAC, and roofing installations?

Yes, Energy Bros offers financing options and assistance to make solar, HVAC, and roofing installations more accessible. We have partnerships with reputable financial institutions and can guide customers in choosing the best financing option that fits their budget and requirements.

What are the qualifications?

There is no money required to get started. We can finance 100% of your solar, roof, HVAC, and many other products with our industry leading financing. We do require a credit score of at least 600 and also offer free credit repair for those who do not qualify. There is a structural and electrical inspection. Lastly, the utility company has to approve your interconnection application.

What happens if I move?

If you have heard it is hard to move with solar you heard right! Before 2018, moving was a nightmare. Most people had to pay off their system in full to move because there was a mechanics lien on the house the new homeowner had to be approved for credit! The industry has adapted and all that has changed. The mechanics lien for collateral has been replaced by a much less restrictive fixture filing known as a UCC1f which is not required to be removed in the event of a sale. There is no credit check required, it simply transfers to the new homeowner and they assume the bill where you left off. Best of all, you keep the extra equity when you move!

How experienced is your company in the solar, HVAC, and roofing industry?

At Energy Bros, we have over 15 years of experience in the solar, HVAC, and roofing industry. Our extensive track record demonstrates our expertise in delivering successful installations and projects for residential and commercial customers.

Are your technicians and installers certified and trained in their respective fields?

Our technicians and installers at Energy Bros are certified and highly trained in their respective fields. We prioritize ongoing professional development to ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices.

How much can I really save?

On average our customers save anywhere from 20-50% day 1 depending on what the do with the tax credit. Most of our customers opt to reduce their bill by 20% and keep the tax credit which is 10-15k on average.

What is the tax credit?

There are two possible tax credits. First is the federal which is 30% of the total system price (including roof, electrical, etc.). Then is the state, your state may pay a flat fee or percentage of the total system cost. In order to qualify you must pay at least the amount of the credit in taxes (line 33 on your tax return) in order to qualify for the entire credit year one. If you only qualify for part of the total credit the remaining balance will roll annually until it is depleted.

What if the system breaks?

We offer 25 year ALL INCLUSIVE warranties! This includes the panels, inverters and all parts attached to the solar system as well as all labor. Additionally, we provide a 25 year comprehensive roof warranty. We monitor all of this at no additional cost to you to ensure a completely hands-off experience.

Did you know that...?
  • Our financing rates are as low 1% for 25 years?
  • We can include a new roof, HVAC and many other home improvements in the financing?
  • We pay $1,000 if you refer a new customer?
  • Houses with solar sell 4% faster according to studies from Trulia and Zillow?
  • You can collect the ITC tax credit for roof and electrical upgrades too?